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Millimeter =

Metric units of measure

1e,-12 Gigameter
0.001 Meter
1e,-06 Kilometer
1e,-09 Megametr
1e,-05 Hectometer
0.01 Decimeter
0.0001 Decameter
1,000.0 Micrometer
1,000,000.0 Nanometer
1,000,000,000.0 Picometer
1e,+12 Femtometer

English units

6.2137273665e-07 Miles
0.00109361329834 Yard
0.00328083989501 Foot
39.3700787402 Mille
0.0393700787402 Inch

Other Units

5.39956803456e-07 Nautical mile

Russian units

0.0468603561387 Sotka
3.93700787402 Dot
0.393700787402 Line
0.00562429696288 Pyad

American units

2.07123301744e-07 Lea
4.97092011731e-06 Furlong
4.9709695379e-05 Сhain
0.000198838386148 Rod
0.0049709695379 Link