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Dot =

Metric units of measure

2.54e-13 Gigameter
0.000254 Meter
2.54e-07 Kilometer
2.54e-10 Megametr
0.0254 Centimeter
2.54e-06 Hectometer
0.00254 Decimeter
2.54e-05 Decameter
0.254 Millimeter
254.0 Micrometer
254,000.0 Nanometer
254,000,000.0 Picometer
2.54e+11 Femtometer

English units

1.57828675109e-07 Miles
0.000277777777778 Yard
0.000833333333333 Foot
10.0 Mille
0.01 Inch

Other Units

1.37149028078e-07 Nautical mile

Russian units

0.0119025304592 Sotka
0.1 Line
0.00142857142857 Pyad

American units

5.2609318643e-08 Lea
1.2626137098e-06 Furlong
1.26262626263e-05 Сhain
5.05049500816e-05 Rod
0.00126262626263 Link